June 2019

"Oh Yes it is", "Oh no it isn't": Unresolved questions of Authenticity

Welcome to The Arts Society North Bucks
Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 11:00
Lovat Hall
Silver Street Newport Pagnell MK16 0EJ

We look in detail at the evidence in some notoriously undecided disputed cases, for example, what is the Turin Shroud?

We look in detail at the human stories and the evidence pro and con in some notoriously undecided disputes.  The Metropolitan Museum called a press conference to denounce their own ancient bronze horse as a forgery, then exonerated it … almost. The Turin Shroud is a fascinating object, whatever your take on it. The Getty Museum frankly label the Kouros they bought as either Greek from the 5th century BC, or as a modern forgery - we just don’t know.  Disputes are erupting with such frequency that the most topical cases we look at by the time this lecture gets delivered may not yet have hit the headlines.


Mr David Phillips

Studied History at Oxford, and from 1968-82 worked for Nottingham Castle Museum. From 1982-98, Lecturer in Museum Studies and Art History at University of Manchester. Published a book about museum practice with Manchester University Press, Exhibiting Authenticity 1997.