April 2021

The Magic of Pattern

Welcome to The Arts Society Horsham
Wednesday, April 14, 2021 - 10:45

David Phillips shows us the gorgeousness of pattern from around the world

From the Alhambra to William Morris, patterns can be gorgeous, yet pattern has often been dismissed as "mere ornament" in comparison to painting. We will discover what a mistaken view that is as we look at the ideas that inspired some of the great pattern inventors and traditions from around the world. We'll see that whilst some glorious effects depend on very simple patterning procedures, others can be wonderfully clever, as we watch patterns evolving across the screen in beautiful animations.


Mr David Phillips

Studied History at Oxford, and from 1968-82 worked for Nottingham Castle Museum. From 1982-98, Lecturer in Museum Studies and Art History at University of Manchester. Published a book about museum practice with Manchester University Press, Exhibiting Authenticity (1997).