September 2020

Leonardo Da Vinci : 5000 Years On

Welcome to The Arts Society Dane Valley
Wednesday, September 9, 2020 - 19:30
Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School
Selkirk Drive Holmes Chapel CW4 7DX

Leonardo Da Vinci : 500 Years On - Lecture by Guy Rooker 

With the anniversary of the death of Loenardo passing recently it is worth considering his legacy. His autograph paintings are few with a number undergoing extensive restoration. Many of his drawings are based on his approach to remaking nature. This talk reviews the philosophy with which Leonardo's paintings are presented today and reveiws the contribution made by his drawings o the world in which we live today. 


Mr Guy Rooker

I come to The Arts Society not with a background in the arts but from the world of science in general, and surgery in particular. I describe myself as a retired surgeon with a lifelong passion, fascination, and admiration for the work of Leonardo da Vinci. I consider that the contribution he has made to both the world of art and the investigation of scientific concepts to be quite unique and extraordinary in the way that so many of his pioneering investigations have contributed to the understanding of our world today.