July 2019

The Lady Oliver Lecture - "Beyond The Music." The cost is £18 per person

Welcome to The Arts Society Henfield
Thursday, July 4, 2019 - 18:30
Henfield Hall
Coopers Way Henfield BN5 9DB

Our annual musical tribute to the lady who founded our society 50 years ago.

We will hear about the German music publising company, Edition Peters, founded in Leipzig, in 1800. In the ensuing 219 years the company has been through many adventures and owners, but still survives, now known as Edition Peters Group. Our speaker and pianist this evening will be Linda Hawken, and she will be accompanied by Kathryn Knight, soparano.

As usual there will be wine and cheese to follow the lecture. Tickets will be on sale at the May and June lectures, and the price is £18 per person.