July 2018

Exploring Ancient Egyptian Art

Welcome to The Arts Society Tring Park
Wednesday, July 11, 2018 -
10:30 to 11:30
Berkhamsted Civic Centre
High Street Berkhamsted HP4 3HD

Egypt has a wealth of artefacts dated to its ancient past that today can be classified as art.

This lecture examines several genres; the splendid wall reliefs and paintings found in tombs, the progressive styles of pottery and the beautiful, symbolic jewellery of ancient royalty, drawing on examples from the Old, Middle and New Kingdom Periods. It identifies the techniques, materials and different styles used by their accomplished artisans to achieve the beautiful paintings, reliefs and artefacts we can still see today, thousands of years after the Egyptian society flourished. We will also explore the inherent meaning of the artistry.


Mrs Eileen Goulding

An Egyptologist, author and lecturer, Eileen specialises in the pharaohs and people of Ancient Egypt, their history, language, art, religion and funerary practices and has a keen interest in the Myths & Legends of the Ancient World. She is a guest speaker on cruise ships and lectures to Egyptology Societies throughout the UK. Her first book What Did the Poor Take with Them? published in 2013, is an academic treatise on Ancient Egyptian grave goods, while her second book Understanding Ancient Egypt published in 2014, is a more accessible introduction to the subject.