October 2021

Cursed Objects in the British Museum: Tales of a Curator

Welcome to The Arts Society Clapham Common
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 11:00
Clapham Picture House
76 Venn Street London SW4 OAT

In its haunted basements extraordinary objects abound, including ‘The Unlucky Mummy’ said to have sunk the Titanic. 

Louise was Curator of Greek Bronze Age and Geometric Antiquities in the British Museum for 13 years. In this very personal take on her adventures working in the British Museum she will take you down to haunted basements and tell you of secret exorcisms carried out there. Several fabulous artefacts in the Museum have curses attached to them. ‘The Unlucky Mummy’ (on display in one of the Egyptian galleries) has a reputation for causing death and destruction – including the sinking of the Titanic…!


Ms Louise Schofield

Louise Schofield is an archaeologist who was Curator of Greek Bronze Age and Geometric Antiquities at the British Museum from 1987-2000. Her book, The Mycenaeans, was co-published by the Getty Museum and the British Museum in 2007. She now writes, lectures and runs international archaeological projects - previously in south-eastern Turkey, Greece and Albania and currently in Ethiopia. And rather wonderfully she has just been appointed Visiting Professor of Archaeology at the American University of Rome.